Please follow all of the instructions provided to you through NCEES.  The step-by-step list below should be used as a “guide”.  NCEES establishes the processes each registrant must follow.

·         Go to the NCEES website:

·         Click on “Exams”

·         On the right, select Pennsylvania as the state you’re taking the exam in

·         Click on Register/Log In

·         Create a “My NCEES Account

·         Write down the username and password you use to create your account

·         Write down the unique account number assigned to you

·         You will use a VISA or MasterCard to pay for the registration.  The fee is $225.  Penn State will reimburse current students $112.  You will receive an email giving you your order number.  SAVE THAT EMAIL.

·         You will need to wait approx. 7-10 working days until you will be notified that you are eligible to schedule a test date.

·         Once that date has been confirmed, bring a copy of that email PLUS a copy of the email you receive confirming your registration payment to Jennifer Zdaniewski in the School of Engineering.  She will need your PSU ID number and mailing address to process your refund.

  After you have been approved to take the FE Exam:

·         Plan what calculator you may take to the exam:

·         Plan what other supplies you may take to the exam:

 Thank you & GOOD LUCK !!!!