An inter-office memo, also called memorandum or internal letter, is written communication between employees and/or employer within the same company (Figures 1, 2, & 3). If you are using a customer/company situation, use external letters to communicate the information.

A memo should include:

 Initial memo requesting a task be completed:

XYZ Company 777 Widget Way Erie, PA  16543


XYZ company has had some customer complaints regarding dimensional quality of some of our products. It is inconvenient to remove product from manufacturing for measurement, so pennies are to be used as a substitute for testing.  Please perform the following tests and return your data as an attachment to your memo. 

Test #1: Repeatability of the measurement 

Select a single penny.  Each member of the test group is to measure its diameter 10 times, to the nearest .0001 inch.  For each operator, determine the mean and standard deviation of the diameter.  If mean and standard deviation are the same between members, please explain.  The intention of this test is to indicate the variability of the measurement method and operators. 

Test #2: Diameter of pennies in circulation 

It is suspected that pennies wear down as they are carried in hundreds of people’s pockets, so that most pennies should be smaller than whatever size they were when manufactured.  Each group will be supplied with 30 pennies.  Measure the outside diameter to the nearest .0001 inch.  Determine the mean and standard deviation of the sample, and determine the diameter where 99% of the pennies should be larger, and the diameter where 99% of the pennies should be smaller.  In other words, determine the limit sizes such that there is a 98% probability that a penny will be between these limits.  While the XYZ Company does not stamp pennies, by this work we should be able to set appropriate acceptance limits for our own processes. 

Test #3: Standard size of pennies 

Go find the stated diameter of pennies at manufacture by the US Mint.  In your memo, provide a bibliographic reference to the source of your data.  (Translation:  Be specific about where you found your answer.)

Figure 1 Internal memo requesting specific tests be completed.

ACE Company 999 Widget Way Erie, PA  16543


A metal tank is to be fitted below deck in the forward compartment of the model XYZ.  The tank will have a metal top, vertical sides, and a sloping bottom, WXYZ.  There is a bulkhead, upright partition separating parts of a ship for protection against fire, leakage, etc., located near where the tank is to be installed.  From a specific point at the nearby bulkhead, A, a pipe at a 20° slope and a bearing of N 45° W is to be connect to plane WXYZ. (Figure 1)

Attached is a copy of the dimensions of tank. Please calculate the exact dimensions needed for the new pipe.


Figure 2 Internal memo requesting calculations be completed.

Reply memo:

ACE Company 999 Widget Way Erie, PA  16543


A metal tank will be fitted below decks in the forward compartment of ship model XYZ .  The true length for the pipe, from the bottom of the tank to a specified point on the bulkhead, at a slope of 20°, and a bearing of N 45° W is 2'-3 1/2".



Figure 3 Internal memo replying to previous request.