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Education: B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 1978.
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 1980.
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ASME Faculty Advisor July 1993-May 2010: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Student Section at Penn State - Erie
Western PA ANSYS User's Group secretary | web master, October 1998 - March 2000
chairman since March 2000
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Information for Mr. Johnson's Courses

Fall 2014: MET 425, FEA Applications II
Class Information    ..... last updated August 1, 2014

since FA07, Text: NONE - Using the ANSYS Help System as reference and reading assignments.

Course Objectives    Course Expectations    Class Grades: see Angel

ANSYS Lectures: Workbench Lectures: Workbench Homework:

Always Simplify

P-method Summary

Summary on CAD Import

Nonlinear Analysis Review and Bolt Pretension

Summary: Nonlinear

Design Optimization

Dynamic Analysis Overview

In Angel:


HW-1A and  HW-1B FEA-1 Review

HW-2B: Review/Compare

HW 4: Nonlinear

HW 5A: OPT and HW 5B

HW 6: Pressure Vessel prep

Modal Analysis HW 8A & HW 8B
HW-8C: Modal Analysis
HW-9: Harmonic Analysis
HW-10: Flexible Dynamcs

HW 7A: Thermal Stress
HW 7B: Transient + Radiation
HW 7C: Heat Transfer

Final Project: ASME Code and FEA

ANSYS/ProE Homework:

Creo Simulate (MECHANICA) P-element

Meshing in CAD (Creo Simulate; Output)

HW-3B: CAD Repair


Fall 2014: MET 415, FEA Applications I & MET 418, FEA for Plastic Design
Class Information    ..... last updated Aug. 1, 2014

since SP08, Text: NONE - Using the ANSYS Help System as reference and reading assignments.

Course Objectives    Course Expectations    Class Grades-see Angel
MET 495 (Summer Internship-for-Credit) Information

ANSYS Lectures: ANSYS Homework: Workbench Lectures: Workbench Homework:

1. Running ANSYS, toolbar
Lab 1:  1st model (2D)
2. Lab Review, What is FEA? and 2D Modeling
3. ANSYS Operation Guide
4. ANSYS Modeling & Meshing Guide - 1
Lab 2: Working Plane + HW-2A
5. ANSYS Modeling & Meshing Guide - 2
6. Nonlinear Analysis - Struct. Analysis Guide 
Lab 3: 2D axisymmetic + nonlinear
7. Conditions of Singularity
8. Contact Analysis - Contact Technology Guide

Lab 4: 2D plastic connector
9. 1st Principals and
Summary: Nonlinear
Lab 5:

Review for Exam1
Lab 6:
Exam 1

ANSYS Acronyms and Commands

1st FEA Model
1st Model Principles

HW-1: 2D Plane Stress

WP Exercise & HW-2A
HW-2A Summary


HW-3A: 2D Axisymmetric




Line Models: 

10. Workbench
11. Getting Started w/WB
Lab 6: HW-5
12. 3D Models
Lab 7:
13. WB -> ANSYS
Lab 8:
14. WB Assemblies & Modeling
15. WB Simulation Approach
16. WB Simulation Basics and Nonlinear Review
17.WB Simulation Features
Lab 10: HW-8A
Lab 11:Exam 2
18. 3D Modeling: SHELLS
Lab 12: HW-9A
19. HW 8/9 Summary
20. Meshing
Lab 13: HW-10A
21. Beam & Truss Elements
Lab 14: HW-11A & 11B
22. Element Table for Beams/Link

HW-5 Model w/WBE & WB Modeling Summary

3D linear:

3D linear assembly:

3D nonlinear: HW-8A

2D or 3D, linear or nonlinear: HW-8B

3D Shells: HW-9A

2D or 3D, linear or nonlinear: HW-9B

3D Solid/Shells: HW-10A

Line Models:
HW-11A ?


Workbench Command Object

Workbench Multi-body Cmd Object

MET 415, FEA-1 Exam Practice

Sample Problem-1 and Sample Problem-2, Exam 1
Sample Problem 3 (nonlinear), Exam 1
Sample LINEAR Assembly Problem, Exam 2
Sample SOLID Problem, Exam 2 -OR- 3D Nonlinear
Sample Shell Problem, Exam 3
Sample Beam Problem (ANSYS) for Exam 3
Sample TRUSS Problem (ANSYS) for Exam 3

Sample Beam Problem (Workbench)

MET 425, FEA-2 Exam Practice

Sample Problem A, Exam 1
Sample Heat Transfer Problem, Exam 2
Sample MODAL Problem, Exam 2

HW-2B-WBE & Summary
Project 1: 2D Con Rod & (Proj. 1: Instructions)
HW-3X: 2D Axisymmetric
HW-4X: 3D Solids & HW-4Y & HW-4Z
HW-4D: Solid vs. Shell -OR- Shells & Beams

Fall 2009: MET 425

FEA Applications II
Class Information

..... last updated Nov 30, 2009

HW-2A: Latch w/P-elements
HW-2B: P vs H elements
Beam & Truss Elements
Steady-State Heat Transfer
Transient Heat Transfer & Radiation

HW-5A: 3D Trusses  & HW-5B: Beams
HW 8X: Dynamic Analysis

HW 3A: Topo Opt & HW 3B: Mapped Mesh & HW 3X
HW 4A: Coupled DOF  & HW 4B: CEQN's
HW 5A: Contact and Plasticity & HW 5B
HW 6A: Nonlinear Buckling
HW 7: Sub-Modeling
HW 10: Design Optimization

OLD Lectures:
FEA Theory & Math
Nonlinear Analysis, Part 1 & Part 2

Fall 2008: MET 440

FA04 Text: Engineering Vibration, Daniel J. Inman,
     Prentice-Hall, 3rd edition

FEA Dynamic Applications
Class Information

..... last updated Nov. 03, 2008

PROCEDURE for Modal Analysis
PROCEDURE for Harmonic Analysis
Procedure for General Transient Analysis

MET 440: (ANSYS & WB) HW 0,  model prep
MET 440
(ANSYS): HW 1, 1-DOF
MET 440:
(WB) HW 2, beam WBE
MET 440: HW 3, impact
MET 440: HW-Lab Experiment
MET 440: HW 4, piezo
MET 440: HW 5, bridge

METBD 451 Course Objectives. (Fall 2000)
Homework:  Vector Addition and Superposition & Complex Numbers & Beats and Non-periodic Functions & 1-DOF Systems
FEA Lab on 1-DOF Systems
Modal Analysis FEA Lab on Multi-DOF Systems
Harmonic Analysis FEA Lab
1997 Final Project  1999 Final Project

Sample FEA Dynamics Problems, Exam 1
Sample FEA Dynamics Problem, Exam 2

Spring 2003: METBD 452

FEA Heat Transfer Applications
Class Information

..... last updated Apr. 12, 2006

Course Objectives.
Most Recent Class Grades Info.

HW-1: Workshop 1 (steady-state)
HW-2: Workshop 2 (steady-state)
Conduction & Convection Submarine Wall Project
HW-3: Workshop 3 (nonlinear)
HW-4: Workshop 4 (transient)
HW-5: Workshop 5 (transient + tabular)
Thermal Transient Project A or  Project B
PROCEDURE for Radiation Matrix generation
HW-6: Ch. 8 Radiation -OR- Radiosity
HW-7: Workshop 7 (thermal stress)
Thermal Stress Project  
Convection/Radiation Project

Sample Heat Transfer Problem, Transient

MET 331W Exercises

Conduction-Convection Problem

Fall 1999: MET 330

Thermodynamics  Class Information

..... last updated Dec. 16, 1999

Course Objectives.
Most Recent Class Grades Info.

Thermo problem procedure steps

Chapter 1: Lecture Notes
Chapter 2: Lecture Notes
Chapter 3: Lecture Notes
Chapter 3: Extra HW
Chapter 3: Extra HW-2
Chapter 4: Lecture Notes
Chapter 4: Unsteady Flow HW
Chapter 5: Lecture Notes
Chapter 6: Lecture Notes
Chapter 7: Lecture Notes
Chapter 7: HW Solutions 96,105,117,119
HVAC: Lecture Notes
HVAC: HW Problems

EIT/FE Exam Questions

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