This group was formed and is run by users in the western Pennsylvania ANSYS community. The goal of the group is to bring ANSYS users together to: exchange ideas, network, keep updated on new technology applying to FEA, problem solve, training, socializing, etc. … Members of the group are made up of ANSYS users from a variety of industries and universities from western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York and Ohio.

[NOTE: We are frequently asked to post job descriptions, email job opportunities, or allow recruiting at our meetings.  We believe that the Western PA ANSYS User's Group is not a job search assistance tool, but a professional organization and we decline to post jobs on our website or by email to our members nor will we set aside meeting time for recruiting.  The attendees at our meetings expect technical topics and discussions to improve their use of FEA technologies in their jobs and we will keep the meeting content focused on that content.]


2016 - present ANSYS Inc., Canonsburg, PA

1991 - 2015:  Mallett Technology Inc. (MTI), Canonsburg, PA

The Users Group was supported by MTI, our local ASD.  MTI helped provide a meeting place along with technical and sales support from Dan Vasalani and expert, technical support from Shawn Catlin.


The group was formed in May of 1991 at the 5TH International ANSYS Users conference in Pittsburgh. The initial meeting had eight users from the western Pennsylvania area in attendance. From that meeting enough interest was shown to continue with the group. The goal was to meet for a day, three or four times per year to exchange ideas and information. The purpose of the group was to bring ANSYS users together who may not have other users at their facilities to interact with. Phil Niton, formally of SASI and Mallett, provided a great deal of effort and support in getting the group under way.

Some of those initial attendees are still attending meetings today but the group has grown to have thirty or more users attending per meeting. We reach our members using a Penn State email Listserv and we have over 150 subscribers on this list.  We maintain the same list on the Eventbrite website which allows meeting registration and online payment of the meeting fee.

Organization (Fall 2015):

Co-Chairman:   Dave Johnson, Penn State, Erie, PA
Co-Chairman:   Rich Alfieri,
Philips Respironics, Monroeville, PA
Co-Chairman:   Ram Chundru, Elliott Group, Jeannette, PA
ANSYS support:  Dan Vasalani, Fran Bolanis, Joe Yearsley, Shawn Catlin  

previous chairman:  Ed Heald, Westinghouse, Cranberry, PA
previous vice-chair: George Hrico, DEAC, Canonsburg, PA
previous secretary/treasurer:  Nicole Skias, Eriez, Erie, PA
previous secretary/treasurer:  Jamie Orr, Joy Mining Machinery Inc., Franklin, PA
previous secretary:  Dave Roth, Penn State, Erie, PA
previous treasurer:  Eric Horne
previous treasurer:  Ginny Broz
previous treasurer:  Harold Patterson

To get on our e-mailing list, contact Dave Johnson at psuprofdj@psu.edu
  (PLEASE send your postal address, as well as your e-mail address)
  Expect 15-20 e-mails/year, ONLY for meeting organization/announcements.

NEXT Meeting: Monday, March 25, 2019  Topic: Student & Member Presentations & ANSYS Training Topics

Meeting: Friday, October 5, 2018  Topics:  Member Presentations & ANSYS Training Topics

Meeting: Friday, April 20, 2018  Topic: Student & Member Presentations

Meeting: Friday, December 15, 2017  Topics:  keynote address from John Zinn (UBER-ATC), Intro & Demo of ANSYS Ensight, CMU's Hyperloop team, Pitt's Formula SAE Car team, plus other Member Presentations

Meeting: Monday, September 11, 2017  Topics:  Member Presentations, ANSYS Discovery Live, Enhancements in v. 18.2, Additive Mfg./Topological Optimization Demo

Meeting: Friday, April 21, 2017  Topic: Student & Member Presentations plus SpaceClaim Training Topics

Meeting: Thursday, January 26, 2017  Topics: User Presentations and ANSYS 18 training/updates

Meeting: October 21, 2016 Topics: Modeling of Plastics & Rubber, ANSYS Application Customization Toolkit, Modeling of a Quenching Process, Additive Engineering

Meeting: April 21, 2016 Topic: Annual Student Presentations

Meeting: February 12, 2016  Topics: ANSYS 16 & 17 Update; Example - Teaching FEA

Meeting: October 2, 2014 Topics: Various Presentations by Members and Students

Meeting: February 26, 2014 Topics: ANSYS 15.0 Release Info

Meeting: Oct. 18, 2013 Topics: DesignModeler® Repair Tools; Fracture Mechanics, External Data Objects, User presentations

Meeting: April 05, 2013 Topic: Annual Student Presentations

Meeting: February 8, 2013 Topics: ANSYS 14.5 Info, ANSYS EKM, Vibration Isolation, Ductile Fracture

Meeting: August 10, 2012 Topic: CFD for Turbomachinery

Meeting: April 2, 2012 Topic: Annual Student Presentations

Meeting: December 1, 2011 Topics: WB Restarts, WB Connections & Contact, Fatigue, ANSYS 14.0

Meeting: April 23, 2010 Topics: WB 12 Rigid Dynamics, WB 12 Explicit STR, WB Nonlinear Improvements, ANSYS 12.1 highlights, student presentation.

Meeting: April 9, 2009 Topic: Annual Student Presentations; ANSYS 12.0 Update

Meeting: March 28, 2008  in ERIE, PA. Topic: Annual Student Presentations Meeting

Meeting: November 20, 2007  Topics: FSI & CF-X, WBE Fatigue Module, Flexible Dynamics, WBE Tips & Tricks

Meeting: March 23, 2007  Topic: Annual Student Presentations; ANSYS 11.0 Update

Meeting: January 12, 2007  at Mallett Technology's NEW Offices in Southpointe
    Topics: ANSYS 11.0 Update, MathCAD, Data Management, Pro/E-Wildfire 3.0

Meeting: March 23, 2006  Topic: Annual Student Presentations Meeting

Meeting: October 14, 2005 at Penn State Erie campus 
Topics:  ANSYS Application presentations by faculty and students, "Stump-the-WBE-Wizard," campus tours

Meeting: June 16, 2005  Topic: to hear the ANSYS 10.0 Simulcast

Meeting: March 24, 2005  Topic: Annual Student Presentations Meeting

Meeting: January 20, 2005  Topics: Pro/ENGINEER-Wildfire and ANSYS-CFX for CFD

Meeting: September 16, 2004  Topics: Effective CAD/CAE Data Exchange, ANSYS 9.0 PREVIEW

Meeting: March 25, 2004  Topic: Annual Student Presentations Meeting, PPFA 8.0, and ANSYS 8.0 multi-field solver 

Meeting: November 20, 2003  Topics: ANSYS 7.1/8.0 new features, Paramesh®, DesignModeler®, DesignXplorer® and VT

Meeting: March 27, 2003  Topics: Annual Student Presentations Meeting

Meeting: Sept. 20, 2002  Topics: ANSYS 7.0 Update, Design Xplorer®, ICEM/CFD Meshing capabilities

Meeting: July 26, 2002 Topics:  tour facilities at center, research presentations
Location: University of Pittsburgh, John A. Swanson Center for Product Innovation

Meeting: March 28, 2002 Topics:  Student Presentations, ANSYS Future Direction

Meeting: Oct. 11, 2001 Topics: ANSYS 6.0, LS-Dyna modeling

Meeting: July 17, 2001 Topics: PDS, Mortar Joints, Design Space 6.0, AGM

Meeting: March 22, 2001 Topic:  Annual Student Presentations Meeting

Meeting: Jan. 25, 2001 Topics:  FEMAP, ModelCheck for ANSYS 5.7

Meeting: Nov. 1, 2000  Topics:  ANSYS 5.7 Capabilities, nCode Fatigue

Meeting: 6/27/2000   Topic:  CADfix "Geometry Healing"

Meeting: 3/21/2000  Annual Student Presentations Meeting

Meeting: 6/29/1999  Topic: 3D Stress Analysis/Design Criteria

Meeting 3/18/1999  Annual Student Presentations Meeting

Meeting 10/22/1998  Topics: ANSYS/LS-Dyna, ANSYS 5.5, DesignSpace

Agenda's of past meetings (July 1991 - Oct. 1998)

Volunteers Needed !!!

  Do you have a problem (or a solution) to present ?

  Need to practice giving a paper before you go to your conference ?

  Any ideas for topics you would like to see addressed at a User's Group meeting ?

E-mail your ideas/requests to the chairman ( psuprofdj@psu.edu ) !!!  We are always looking for ideas !!!